Guide to Trading Partner Company Registration System

Procedure of Type Certification


If a product is marked by Chubu Electric Power Grid as a type specified item, a type certification must be obtained prior to applying for registration. Suppliers who require a type certification may apply by submitting the following set of documents to the Purchasing and Contracting Department of Chubu Electric Power Grid's Headquaters (refer to the section "Contacts"). An application form and related forms are available at any time and can be gotten from any of the said information offices. Completed applications are also accepted at any time.

All documents and papers that are submitted when applying for registration must be completed either in Japanese or English. Furthermore, all documents and papers are nonreturnable regardless of the results concluded by the examinations and tests.

Necessary Set of Documents for type Certification.

  • Application of type certification and Quality control data sheet completed on our prescribed forms
  • Corporate profile *
  • Financial statements *, including balance sheets and profit and loss statements covering the last three years
  • Certified copy of the corporation register *
  • Written specifications and catalogs of the products subject to type certification
  • Others: additional data, product samples, or the like may be required in certain, necessary situations

* Currently registered suppliers need not submit the materials marked with an asterisk.

Examination and Tests

The Purchasing and Contracting Department first makes a preliminary examination of the applications, based on the documents submitted, similar to the procedures of applying for registration.

When the applications are determined to be acceptable, the technical division will then study the technical portions of the application. In doing so, the division will examine the supplier's manufacturing facilities and quality control systems as well as conduct performance tests with a product sample.

If the product stands above a certain level of acceptability, it is put to a final test of type certification. Upon final approval or rejection, Chubu Electric Power Grid will give a written notification to the supplier.

Payment of Expenses Involved

All expenses involved in the type certification procedure, such as the cost of manufacturing a trial product, costs of testing equipment, and required personnel expenses, are to be paid by the applicant.


Information about specifications as well as any classified information that comes to Chubu Electric Power Grid's attention in the process of examination for a type certification shall be strictly held confidential by both parties.

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