Doing Business in Materials and Equipment

Major Procurement Items

The Purchasing and Contracting Department of Chubu Electric Power Grid is responsible for procuring the following items,excluding fuels for power generation.

Note : The items marked with * may be subject to type certification.

General Materials and Equipment

Steel towers and structures

Steel towers and structures, Steel materials, Steel frames

Utility poles

*Poles and masts, *Insulators, Cement and cement materials, Secondary cement products

Electric Wires and cables

*Electric wires and cables, Aluminum pipe bus, *Engineering work wire accessories and materials, nonferrous metal products

Hardware and tools

*Engineering work hardware, *Wire products, *Distribution line hardware, *Materials and equipment for power distribution, *Mechanical engineering tools, Other metal products

Rubber and plastics

*Live-line tools, *Synthetic resin products


Oils and fats, Industrial chemicals, Air survey, Clothes, Office supplies, Furniture and fixtures, Photographs, Drugs and chemicals, Household electrical appliances, Lightning apparatus, Printed matter, Sundries


Distribution equipment

*Transformers, *Switches, *Arrestors, *Supply meters, *Wiring accessories

Accessory equipment for power generation

Water turbines, Nuclear reactors, Generators, Water gates, Dust collectors, Large bore pipes, Ventilators, Soot blowers, Steel stacks, Sea water electrolytic equipment, Cathodic protection equipment, Condenser cleaning equipment, Integrated effluent treatment system, Demineralizers, Heat exchangers, Tanks, Waste treatment and disposal facilities, Expansion joints, Other

Transmission and transformation equipment

*Transformers, *Switches, *Phase modifiers, *Switch boards, *Neutral grounding equipment, *Meter transformers, *Arrestors

Control and telecommunication equipment

Centralized dam control system, *Centralized power generation, transmission and transformation control system, *Automated distribution system, Automatic switching equipment, Carrier telecommunication system, Wireless installations, Command telecommunication system, Applied telecommunication system, Peripheral security system

Miscellaneous equipment

*Power units, Cranes, Pumps, Air compressors, Fire extinguishers, lnsulator cleaners, Valves, Emergency power units, Measuring instruments, General-purpose computers, Elevators, Air-conditioning equipment, Bridges, Miscellaneous equipment, Other


The products marked with asterisks are type specified items. For further information about these items, please refer to the section "Contacts".

For Information Only

Products which are not procured by our Purchasing and Contracting Department include, for example, fuels for power generation ; books (including magazines, newspapers and maps) ; video tapes, movies, films, exhibits, block copies and other items whose production is primarily to be contracted out by Public Relation Department products to be procured under leasing contract (such as automobiles and personal computers) ; products which can not be considered finished goods by our purchasing unit standard (semi-finished products, parts and components) ; and those materials which are specified in the contract and supplied by contractors.

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