Operation and Maintenance

Communications Network for Smart Meter

Construction, Operation and Usage of the Communications Network for Smart Meters


We have started the installation of Smart Meters since 2014. The communications network we constructed can collect the energy usage data of over 10 million smart meters. From 2021, the communications network is going to be used for automatic gas meter reading service. We will continue to help LPG, city gas and water service operators adopt automatic meter reading, using the communications network.


  • High consumption data collection rate of smart meters
  • Appropriate communication methods that fit in the right place
  • Alignment with international standardization
  • Future scalability of communication control system
  • Long lasting connectivity with a battery of Network Control Unit (NCU)


For companies which consider the installation of smart meter, We can offer consulting for operational expertise which differs from tech providers; for example, replacement plan of communications network, system operations after the rollout.

Overview of Communications Network for Smart Meter (SM)

Overview of Communications Network for Smart Meter (SM)

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