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We fulfill our mission of “stable supply of electric power” and “creating new value” by aiming to become a company that supports communities in the Chubu region of Japan.

Chubu Electric Power Grid Co., Inc. has started as a power transmission and distribution company on April 1st, 2020, being split from Chubu Electric Power Company.

The new company name called “Chubu Electric Power Grid” is a combination of “power”, which means electric power supply and demand, and “grid”, which represents the power transmission and distribution network. We named it with our desire to challenge the stable power supply in the new era.

The business environment surrounding Chubu Electric Power Grid will be changing more rapidly than ever before, due to the complexity of the electric power flow by the massive introduction of renewable energy and expansion of electric vehicles (EVs) as well as social environmental changes such as, declining birthrates, an aging population and depopulation.

Under such environment, Chubu Electric Power Grid will deliver high-quality electricity to customers in a safe, affordable, and stable manner by seeking the advancement of facility planning, system operations and maintenance using advanced technologies such as IoT.

In addition, we will create “new values” by connecting customers with each other, customers with society using our facilities, technologies, and information, and will contribute “creating Community Support Infrastructure” as a member of the Chubu Electric Power Group.

Chubu Electric Power Grid will continue to challenge with a renewed attitude by having all employees strive together with the aim of becoming a company that supports communities in the Chubu region of Japan.

Photograph of President and Director Ichikawa Yaoji Ichikawa Yaoji President and Director

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