Guide to Trading Partner Company Registration System

Registration and Type Certification

To provide customers with reasonable and high-quality electric power stably and continuously, it is mandatory for an electric utility to ensure that quality equipment and materials are delivered at reasonable prices by the time when they are needed. At Chubu Electric Power Grid, this is achieved through the registration process and often times through the type certification.

Those suppliers who prove their reliable business performances and adequate technical capabilities become registered as qualified suppliers within their relevant product categories. Thereafter, registered suppliers are requested by Chubu Electric Power Grid to submit estimates for respective products.


Potential suppliers wishing to do business with Chubu Electric Power Grid are screened by factors of corporate financial standings, production capacities, and product delivery arrangements. The applicants who pass the screening will then become registered as qualified suppliers.

All items purchased by Chubu Electric Power Grid's Purchasing and Contracting Department are subject to registration. Furthermore, suppliers must submit separate applications for each product category of which they seek to become a supplier.

Therefore, not only new suppliers but also those suppliers already registered as qualified suppliers of a certain product category must additionally register if they want to supply products under any different categories. For details of the registration's application procedure, refer to the section "2.Registration Procedure".

Type Certification

By sufficient quality assurance based on uniform specifications, Chubu Electric Power Grid sustains a stable supply of electricity as well as secures an enhanced efficiency of operations and maintenance. For this reason, materials and equipment of electric power facilities exposed to highly frequent use are subject to type specifications. Such items are denoted as "type specified" and are marked with an asterisk [*] in the list of registered items on 5. List of Registered Items.

If a product offered by a potential supplier falls under any of Chubu Electric Power Grid's type specified items, the supplier must first obtain a "type certification." By this process, the potential supplier's products will be tested by Chubu Electric Power Grid and certified only if it is found to meet Chubu's class and grade requirements. In such cases, the type certification is an imperative precondition for the registration. Restated, type certification must be obtained prior to applying for registration if a product is marked as a type specified item. For details of the type certification's application process, refer to 3. Procedure of type Certification.

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