Potential suppliers wishing to register with Chubu Electric Power Grid may receive an application form from the Purchasing and Contracting Department at any time by submitting a request.

The application and the documents listed below must then be submitted to the department. All applications are accepted at any time.

Please know that information about business opportunities or registering is always available at our information offices. Feel free to make further inquiries (refer to the section "Contacts").

Documents Required for Application

  • Registration application and Quality control data sheet filled on our prescribed forms
  • Financial statements, including balance sheets and profit and loss statements covering the last three years
  • Catalogs of offered products
  • Certified copy of the corporation register
  • Duplicate copy of Chubu Electric Power Grid's granted type certification(needed only for type specified items)
  • Others: additional data, product samples, or the like may be required in certain, necessary situations

All documents and papers that are submitted when applying for registration must be completed either in Japanese or English. Furthermore, all documents and papers are nonreturnable regardless of the results concluded by the screening and examination.

Application Screening

A screening will be made regarding to those aspects of the applicant company's operations as the size of business, financial standing, credit rating, technological capabilities, productivity, order-receiving capacities, and quality control arrangements, post-sale service, etc., on the basis of the documentation submitted.

Where results of the screening satisfy a set standard, the applicant company will be registered as a supplier. Chubu Electric Power Grid notifies all applicants orally or in writing about the screening's results.

Date,Validity Term and Renewal of Registration

Those applicants who are found, upon examination, to meet the prescribed requirements will be registered as our qualified suppliers at any time. The supplier remains validly registered for the fiscal year of registration.

Upon approach of the validity-term's expiration, Chubu Electric Power Grid serves a notice for renewal in November each year. Suppliers who want to continue their registration must re-apply for a registration renewal by the same aforementioned procedure.

Access to List of Registered Suppliers

Chubu Electric Power Grid maintains a register of qualified suppliers in which the names of approved suppliers and their approved products are listed.This register is revised every April and is available for perusal throughout the year at the Purchasing and Contracting Department.

Cancellation of Registration

Registration may be cancelled if any information submitted to Chubu Electric Power Grid is found to be false or distorted. Similarly, if there is any other evidence pointing to reasons for disqualification, Chubu may assess cancellation to be necessary.


Any classified information that comes to Chubu Electric Power Grid's attention in the process of application screening for registration is strictly held confidential.

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