Guide to Trading Partner Company Registration System


To provide customers with reasonable and high-quality electric power stably and continuously, in developing various types of construction projects for an electric power Grid system, it is mandatory for an electric utility to ensure reliability of facilities by selecting the most suitable construction contractor. At Chubu Electric Power Grid, this is achieved through the registration process.

Those construction contractors who prove their business performances and adequate technical capabilities become registered as qualified construction contractors within their relevant contract works categories. Thereafter, registered construction contractors will be requested by Chubu Electric Power Grid to submit estimates for contract works.


Potential construction contractors wishing to do business with Chubu Electric Power Grid are screened by factors of size of operations, construction capacity and so on. The applicants who pass the screening will then become registered as qualified construction contractors.

In addition, construction contractors must submit separate applications for each contract works category of which they seek to become a construction contractor.

Therefore, not only new construction contractors but also those contractors already registered as qualified contractors of a certain contract work category must additionally register if they want to undertake a different type of construction. For details of the registration procedure, refer to the section "2.Registration Procedure".

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