Potential construction contractors wishing to register with Chubu Electric Power Grid may receive an application form from the Purchasing and Contracting Department at any time by submitting a request.

The application and the documents listed below must then be submitted to the department. All applications are accepted annually, during the month of November and December.

Please know that information about business opportunities or registering is always available at our information offices. Feel free to make further inquiries (refer to the section "Contacts" ).

Documents Required for Application

  • Contractor Registration Application Form specified by Chubu Electric Power Grid
  • Notice of Results for Evaluation of Business Size etc.(1 copy)
  • Notice of Total Evaluation Score (1 copy)
  • Financial Statements (last 2 years, 1copy)
  • Documents referring the number of employees in each qualification category
  • History of Past Construction Works (last 2 years)
  • Certificate of Tax Payment (copy acceptable)
  • License Certificate of Construction Industry Registration (1 copy)
  • Company Brochure or Annual Report

*Further documentation may be required.

*Applications may be different in type of construction. For details, please refer to the section "Contacts".

Application Screening

A screening will be made regarding to those aspects of the applicant company's operations as size, state of financial conditions, construction capacity, etc., on the basis of the documentation submitted.

Where results of the screening satisfy a set standard, the applicant company will be registered as a contractor.
Applicant companies will be informed of the screening's results by the end of March.

Date, Validity Term and Renewal of Registration

Registration takes place on April 1 each year, and is effective, in principle, for a period of one year. A company who wishes to extend the registration should apply for an extension.

Access to List of Registered Contractors

The List of Registered Contractors is revised in April each year. Companies which have been registered will be included on the list as registered contractors. The List of Registered Contractors is available for perusal throughout the year at the Purchasing and Contracting Department.

Cancellation of Registration

Registration may be cancelled if any information submitted to Chubu Electric Power Grid is found to be false or distorted. Similarly, if there is any other evidence pointing to reasons for disqualification, Chubu Electric Power Grid may assess cancellation to be necessary.


Any classified information that comes to Chubu Electric Power Grid's attention in the process of application screening is strictly held confidential.

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